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Literary Ryan Gosling

January 30, 2012 Humor, Writing 13 Comments

We here at Beyond the Margins have finally persuaded Ryan Gosling to take time out of his busy schedule as an Internet meme to shine a little love our way. Give it up for a very special…Literary Ryan Gosling.





The Notebook - production still






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  1. Haha, I LOVE it! This was the perfect start to my week! I can’t decide which is my favorite: “I’ll watch you cats while you’re away at that week-long conference” or “I still can’t believe your short story didn’t win the top prize.” They’re all genius :)

  2. This is FABULOUS! I love the “hey girl” meme (ok and Ryan Gosling, too), and my fave is “Hey Girl, You keep working on your WIP…” I agree with Natalia, great way to start my week!!

  3. Anna Solomon Anna says:

    Ha! Love this. Anyone interested in a little background on the Ryan Gosling meme (I was):

  4. Hahaha! I think you’ve invented the perfect ‘writer’s boyfriend’. Where can I buy one? :-)

  5. Randy Susan Meyers randysusanmeyers says:

    I have been laughing all day enjoying this. Thanks, Dell (and Liz)

  6. Becky Tuch Becky T. says:

    Oh my God, Dell, this is SO GREAT. Can you please make posters? I want to hang this in my room!

  7. Dell Smith Dell Smith says:

    Ryan thanks you all for your support. He wanted to respond to your comments, but he’s busy prepping to cat sit for one very lucky writer.

  8. Gee, he is so perfect. Just what I need.

  9. Way too cute. Great inspiration. :)

  10. LOL. Love this! I agree, the WIP quote is priceless.

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