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Randy Susan Meyers

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The dark drama of Randy Susan Meyers’ debut novel, The Murderer’s Daughters, published by St. Martins Press in January 2010, is informed by her years of work with batterers, domestic violence victims, and at-risk youth impacted by family violence. She was raised by books, in Brooklyn, where she could walk to the library daily. Each book she read added to her sense of who she could be in this world. Reading In Cold Blood at too tender an age assured that she’d never stay alone in a country house. Biographies of women like Marie Curie and Elizabeth Blackwell opened doors to another world and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn taught her faith in the future. Each time she read it, she was struck anew by how the author Betty Smith knew so much and dared to write it.

Randy's Books
The Comfort of Lies

From the author of the critically acclaimed The Murderer’s Daughters, a compelling novel about three women caught in the aftermath of infidelity.

Five years ago Tia fell into obsessive love. The only problem—Nathan was married and the father of two boys. When she became pregnant, he disappeared, and she gave up her baby for adoption. Now, she’s trying to connect with her lost daughter and former lover.

Five years ago, Caroline, a dedicated pathologist, reluctantly adopted a baby to please her husband. She prayed her misgivings would disappear; instead, she’s questioning whether she’s cut out for the role of wife and mother.

Five years ago Juliette considered her life ideal: she had a loving family, believed in her marriage, and her business thrived. Then she discovered Nathan’s affair. He’d promised he’d never stray again and she trusted him. But Juliette never knew about the baby.

Now, when photographs of the child arrive, Juliette’s devastated. How could Nathan deny his daughter? And if he’s kept this a secret from her, what else is he hiding? Desperate for the truth, Juliette goes in search of the little girl. Her quest leads to Caroline and Tia and before long, the women are on a collision course with consequences that none of them could have predicted.

The Murderer's Daughters
Lulu and Merry Zachariah have anything but a normal childhood. Raised in the shadow of their mother’s murder and the imprisonment of her killer—their father—they are left to fend for themselves as they shuffle from the care of relatives, to a survival-of-the-fittest orphanage, and eventually to a foster family not fully equipped to nurture them. As the sisters progress from childhood to adulthood, they cope very differently with their traumatic past, but their imprisoned father remains a specter in their lives, affecting every decision they make. Lulu becomes almost too strong for her own good, by erasing her memory of the past and moving forward with her new life as a wife, mother and successful doctor. But Merry remains mired—dependent on her older sister for support, desperate for answers, and emotionally depleted from regularly visiting her father in prison. As one sister spends her life pretending her father is dead, the other feels compelled to help him, but both dread the day their father wins parole, and his freedom.

"The Murderer’s Daughters will have you enraptured and wanting more--even though self- preservation may curl you into a ball to shield yourself from the painful circumstances of the two sisters. This is a heart- breaking and powerful novel.” Mass Book Awards Current 2011 finalist & named as “Must Read Fiction 2011” by the Library of Congress affiliate, The Massachusetts Center for the Book.

“Dives fearlessly into a tense and emotional story of two sisters anchored to one irreversible act of domestic violence."
The Miami Herald

"All too believable and heartbreaking."
LA Times 'Knock-Out Debuts

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